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Regulatory Affairs

Our lead professional in this domain has worked in government committees that were formulated for regulatory and legislative purposes and has to his credit; Drug Sector reforms during year 2000-2002 and was the main proposer of amendments made to Drugs Act 1976 in 2002 through the presidential ordinance. He has the honor to help Pakistan become member of Asian Harmonization Working Party (AHWP – a group working for harmonization of medical device regulations among Asian countries). He also has the honor of preparing the Rules for Medical Devices Regulations as member of committee constituted by DRAP for the said purpose. He is an Observer as Pharma Bureau Consultant in different Boards and Committees of DRAP & Now Project Coordinator for USP

Services we offer include:

  • Registration
  • Licensing
  • Pricing
  • Renewals
  • Approval of Advertisement
  • Approval of Clinical Trial
  • Legal Services

* Our Services are also available on retainer ship or on specific time period contractual basis


Organization Development

We create value through holistic management development in their pursuit for excellence. Our approach parameter includes six phase in the change process:

  • Creating a performance yardstick
  • Identify performance gaps
  • Create need assessment analytics
  • Adopt or create learning interventions
  • Implementing learning interventions
  • Affirming results and capturing enhanced potential

Services we offer include:

  • Change Management
  • Organization Management Structure and functional Revamp
  • Process Re engineering
  • OD Customized Training

*Our Services are also available on retainer ship or on specific time period contractual basis 

Solution to Manufacturing and Quality Issues

– Quality Control Revamp
– Therapeutic products distribution networking solutions

*Our Services are also available on retainer ship basis
Regulatory Affairs Management & Lobbying
Our constituency relations services are provided by professionals who have embedded network in public relations arena. Regulatory and legislative opinions have been measurably swayed based on our media and relationship building endeavors. Our lead lobbyist professional during his carrier with the pharmaceutical industry, remained involved with the Government of Pakistan as member of committees constituted under government Ministries of Health and Ministry of Industries & Commerce. He is well acknowledged for his expertise in Regulatory Affairs within DRAP and across pharmaceutical industry. Having received due acknowledgements for his expertise from DRAP and the pharmaceutical industry, he is now providing regulatory expert services to the health care industry through RA Consultancy Services. Our Services are also available on retainer ship or on specific time period contractual basis. 


We mix creative strategies and emerging technologies to create edge and give your business voice that translate into response and increase sales. We just don’t think outside the box we flattened the box and recycle it. Our team of creative professionals with range of qualifications stretching from marketing to media studies and have talent that surpasses clients’ expectations.

Services we offer include:
o Internet and content marketing
o Branding and corporate identities
o Marketing communications

*Our Services are also available on retainer ship or on specific time period contractual basis 


We provide training solutions with the objective of unlocking learner potential through customized user centered training, tailored to the organization need assessment. Our training program development targets key take away and our feedback loop enhance the effectiveness of built capacity. Our Lead training professional has experience of over a decade in designing organizational training strategy & policy, training programs design & development with both local and international participants’ perspective, training programs delivery and devising organizational training monitoring and evaluation mechanism.

Our ever expanding training domain includes:
o Drug Act/Medical Devices Law/ Alternate Medicines/Cosmetic Law.

o Leadership
o Management Style
o Communications
o Effective Team Building
o Coaching and Counseling for Managers
o Banking
o NGOs specific capacity building customized training solutions
*Our Services are also available on retainer ship or on specific time period contractual basis

Human Resource

We will identify approach and attract best people in your industry, then rigorously screen them to match your requisite suitability mix. Whereas the industry practice is heavily dependent on database recruitment, we believe on research based focus and tailor made for each client and project.
*Our Services are also available on retainer ship or on specific time period contractual basis


Website development

We as a multidisciplinary organization automate business processing needs of clients and keep them in pace with competitive environment. We develop websites based on innovations and adaptability to withstand turbulent environments. Whatever your web development needs may be both our custom made solutions (on your demand) and dedicated IT professionals inhibit enough to fulfill them in efficient and effective manner. As we play to perfection in various disciplines our clientele also belongs to various occupations, industries and enterprises. But for us everyone has its own requirements to be solved. Everyone has its own goals to be accomplished through technology. This psyche has helped us to develop an understanding and long lasting relationships with clients up till now. So we never slip from objectivity. Thoroughly understanding your business needs is our prime objective in this regard.



We design logos, brochures


Event Management

Today, more and more companies are hosting events locally, within a corporate region, or in another state. Anytime people gather, regardless of their purpose, someone is needed to oversee the details to ensure the event (no matter how large or small), is a success. We at RA Consultants have complete understanding of the importance of timing, coordination, and countless other details that go into planning events.
RA Consultants is also a full-service event planning company that provides complete planning, consulting, and supervision for both corporate and social events. RA Consultants provides its clients with spectacular events through creativity and uniqueness based on individual tastes and preferences. Whether the event is corporate or social, RA Consultants incorporates themes, design layouts, event formats, and décor with the ultimate goal of making your design-specific event a most elegant, unique, and memorable experience.

To assure the most spectacular event of a client’s choice, businesses are reaching to us to effectively plan and conduct their events. Our services are designed to meet their creative needs as well. Yesterday, companies and organizations assigned responsibility for planning of events to someone within their company or organization. Today, more and more companies and organizations are seeking to hire professionals who have displayed the talent, expertise, and “attention to detail” to ensure a successful company event being achieved (enjoyed) by all participants and attendees.
Corporate events can include, but are not limited to the examples listed below:
Fundraisers Charity Events Receptions
Competitions Conventions Banquets
Company Picnics Business Meetings Trade Shows
Corporate Luncheons

Social events can include, but are not limited to the examples listed below:

Theme Parties Weddings Album Release
Reunions ­ – Kid Events Birthday Parties
Concerts Holiday Parties New Year’s Celebration
To help your company or organization plan an upcoming event, RA Consultants offers free consultations. To discuss further your requirements, and our capabilities, please do not hesitate contact us


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