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We are services company that encompasses innovative, cutting edge and high quality services. The company resource consists of high end professionals with proven track records in their domain of expertise.

As you navigate our website, I’m sure you will learn more about the qualities that make our company an outstanding provider of essential services. We have earned the trust and respect of our clients for one simple reason – we do what we say we will do to meet expectations. We only promise what we can deliver.
At RA Consultants, we believe in working closely with our clients and ensuring that the top-quality services are provided. We have been entrusted with delivering vital services for Renowned Companies in leading private organizations across Pakistan and the world. The key to our success is earning the trust of our clients. We have a history of designing and deploying long-term solutions that generate meaningful outcomes. We pull together the right people, processes and expertise to take service from “good enough” to great. We apply best-in-class practices, domain knowledge and expertise and innovation to assist our clients in responding to new mandates and expanded missions. Our clients come to us with confidence that we have the expertise to take service delivery to the next level of performance. We know how to make services run smoother, smarter, and more efficiently.
Our vision to be the world’s greatest service company means that we introduce innovative and practical solutions that breathe new vitality into daily interactions with customers – to make the service our customers receive impressive and memorable. We take the best service ideas, wherever they are from, and apply them wherever they are needed. We bring service to life for a better tomorrow.

Nadeem Hussain Alamgir


Our Vision

Achieve Excellence in Organizational and Human Resource Capacity Building and Clients Business Development

Our Mission

Provide High Quality Professional Services Incorporating Cutting Edge Concepts, Themes and Technologies that Pushes Achievable Optimum Boundaries even Further

Our Strategy

We have adopted and advanced the science of high performance. We work along clients’ to develop their entities’ innovation and differentiated capabilities; to create value and deliver business outcomes with ultimate fillip to push performance to new higher grounds.

Our spread into diverse industries and economic sectors has given us the edge to embark with our clients’ on journey to develop capabilities for achieving desired outcomes. In an increasingly complex business environment, we help our clients’ by highlighting possibilities and assessments with the sole purpose to bring efficacy in their risk management, reduce costs, increase stakeholders’ value potential and ultimately select the operational functioning that aligns with their strategic direction. With this approach our client’s translate complexity and strategic insight into actionable plans for short, medium and long terms. We make sure that strategies propose to our clients’ makes a difference and integrate with our client’s best interests.

We partner with thought leaders to help our clients’ develop internal and external capabilities and outreach, including their human resource and help install built capacity for distinct skills and capabilities with the express purpose of creating for our clients’ organizations a structural and functional architecture that put their businesses’ on a inclining tangent of business growth and profits.

Our history

RA Consultants was established in the year 2013 and incorporated as a Single member (SMC) private limited company which is a solution providing services company. But the history of RA Consultants (SMC-Pvt) Ltd is far older than this; it all begins with the vision of our CEO, Mr. Nadeem H. Alamgir, who has served in both multinational and local Pharmaceutical Companies in sales, marketing and regulatory affairs, for 3 decades. Apart from this he was involved in different activities at national level for a better image of Pakistan. He has been instrumental in Pakistan’s membership in Asian Harmonization working party, which is an international organization working for harmonization of medical device regulation in Asian Countries and he is Pakistan’s industrial representative in the Group. Mr. Nadeem was also a member of Pharmaceutical reforms committee under former federal minister of industries and commerce Mr. Razzak Dawood from 2000 to 2002, and was a mover of Drug Act amendments in 2002 that were promulgated through Presidential Ordinance in the same year. He has been contributing to regulations for better quality of health care products in Pakistan. In his endeavor to seek better position of Pakistan in committee of nations he has also represented Pakistan in numerous Conferences and Events globally to project Pakistan as a peace-loving progressive country. After years of work he realized that that there is a lot to be done for Pakistan and he being an employee has limitation, considering this he established RA Consultants, as service providing company to assist businesses in different domains ranging from Regulatory Affair, Business development to Human Resource and Event Management. Today apart from providing services to many businesses, Our CEO Mr. Nadeem Alamgir is working with United States Pharmacopial Convention on a USAID project for capacity building of DRAP & Provincial Health Authorities for enhancing Quality of Medicines in Pakistan.

Since the formation of RA Consultants, we have served our Clients successfully and the number of our satisfied clients is growing day by day. At RA Consultants we believe in giving it all when doing business keeping in mind the law and regulations of the country. Our motto is PROFESSIONALISM HONESTY & DEDICATION towards our clients. We believe in telling the truth to our clients in our dealings. We never guide a client against the law, we do not believe in earning money but providing services. We are flexible in our terms while dealing with our clients we do not treat our clients as customers but believe them to be our partners in business.

Our 6 Core Values



We believe in being honest with our partners as it it the first step to building a great long lasting relationship.



We have the most experienced professionals with decades of experience in their domain of work.



Professionalism is one of our main motto and we are known for it.



We have a dedicated them that works tirelessly to achieve our goals.



We treat it like our own and take up the responsibility to finish what we started.



We deliver success

Why choose us?

We offer wide range of services for our partners which can be customized to your business need. Our team of experts can help you the best fit for your business.

We have a team of experts with decades of experience in their domain of work.

Due to our professional approach and our unmatched team of experts we are able to provide the best results with 100% success rate.

We have a dedicated team of experts working tirelessly to provide the best results.

We believe in building long lasting relationships with our clients this is the reason we chose to refer to them as our “Partners”.

Nadeem Hussain Alamgir
Talha Khalidi
Arshad Khan
Ghalib Ali

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