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Financial Solutions

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We are services company that encompasses innovative, cutting edge and high quality services. The company resource consists of high end professionals with proven track records in their domain of expertise.

Financial Management

Financial services in Pakistan comprise Banks (including Islamic Banks) , Insurance and Takaful companies , Investment Management Companies ( managing various types of Mutual funds) , Development Finance Institutions, Brokerage Houses , etc. Demographic changes, new regulations aimed at improving transparency and the rise of technology means that financial services organisations need to become increasingly focused on the customer.

Sustainable success is not simply a case of responding to individual challenges, but dealing with all these challenges in a holistic way while also looking to the future. Customers need to have confidence in our financial systems. They need to feel that they are protected. They need to receive the right product at the right time. Only then will they have the confidence needed for the economy to flourish.

Regulation has constant impact on the sector. While driving trust and transparency for customers and governments, it can also add to operating costs. Regulators tend to focus on procedures, systems and inputs, not on outcomes.

Technology is driving change across banking, insurance and investment management companies. Customers expect to receive tailored products and access them however they want. Improved data and analytics is making this possible. More people than ever have access to financial products. Financial services sector is expected to undergo signficant Tecnological and digital transformation in next few years , and this will impact the way we service this sector and we are developing experience and skill base to meet these requirements of providing professional services to this sector.

We help clients navigate the increasingly complicated financial landscape towards a prosperous future. RAC’s dedicated financial services practice in the Pakistan offers access to various key financial marketplaces. It delivers leading practice advice and recommendations through an up-to-the-minute understanding of the vital issues facing the local  financial services industries.


Tax Management

Rapidly changing tax environment across the globe has enhanced focus on the effective and efficient management of the taxes both globally and locally. In this new era understanding the tax impact on business operations and transactions in multiple jurisdictions is vital for a company’s survival.

Tax function role has gone miles ahead from managing and optimizing an organization’s tax impact and as tax adviser to managing the global tax exposure and as business adviser.

Effective and efficient tax services provide competitive advantage by lowering the tax and administrative costs yet keeping your business compliant with the tax laws and regulations.

Our industry professionals have vast and extensive function knowledge that is accompanied by technical proficiency and strong relationship with our business partners. We understand the industry needs and business issues that our business partners faces which help us formulating business feasible and tax compliant solutions for them.

We offer a wide range of tax services including corporate and individual planning and compliance, as well as global projects that involve designing and implementing tax strategies to help produce sustainable long term tax saving.

Since the formation of RA Consultants, we have served our Clients successfully and the number of our satisfied clients is growing day by day. At RA Consultants we believe in giving it all when doing business keeping in mind the law and regulations of the country. Our motto is PROFESSIONALISM HONESTY & DEDICATION towards our clients. We believe in telling the truth to our clients in our dealings. We never guide a client against the law, we do not believe in earning money but providing services. We are flexible in our terms while dealing with our clients we do not treat our clients as customers but believe them to be our partners in business.

Financial Audit & Assurance

The audit and assurance landscape is changing. Regulatory requirements, coupled with increased stakeholder demands for greater transparency, are putting more pressure on organizations. As a result, audit and assurance are high on the agenda for many boards.

At RAC, we believe we have a responsibility to continue our work in building trust in corporate reporting, which goes far beyond regulatory demands for greater disclosure and aims to increase transparency and rebuild confidence.

We maintain an uncompromising commitment to offering a consistent risk-based audit. Our partners value us for our honesty and timely service.

Payroll Management

If you are looking for premium payroll processing services, then we are the one stop solution for all your needs. By understanding the varying needs of our clients, we offer tailor made services. Bank upon the years of experience and expertise that the team gets and trust us when we say that with us you are completely sorted. Your search for the best salary outsourcing companies ends with us. It’s time to save your precious time on payroll processing.

Payroll processing is an integral part of the corporate world. Whether you are a startup venture or a multinational, effective payroll process is the need of every organization. We have a highly qualified and professional team to assist you at every step. We help you in – reimbursement management, arrears calculation, preparing final settlement of employees, preparing salary MIS reports, managing attendance and leave records, calculation of leave encashment, overtime and generating monthly salary reports etc. We also help you with interim payroll audit. If your employees have any queries related to their salaries, reimbursement or taxes they can get in touch with us and our team would render endless support.

Payroll Process Management´s Features:

  • Better resource management
  • Quick resolution of resource issues
  • Records employees complete cycle from joining to exit
  • Hassle free management of employee payroll process

When you avail our services you not only get the promise of commitment, but also peace of mind. With an expert handling all payroll processing for your organization, you need not worry.

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