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Organizational Development & Training

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We are services company that encompasses innovative, cutting edge and high quality services. The company resource consists of high end professionals with proven track records in their domain of expertise.

Manufacturing Audit

There is no other area of business that is more heavily regulated than the development, testing and distribution of life-saving medicines and medical devices. That is why we provide you with the expertise and resources you need to navigate the complexities of the pharmaceutical and medical device markets.

As one of the best business management company, we offer you decades of experience in the field of life sciences. As a result, we are often a preferred partner for top companies and perfectly placed to help you:

  • Get your products to market quickly, safely and more accurately 
  • Adhere to best practices and conform to national and international regulations
  • Get vital support throughout every stage of the drug development cycle – from molecule to market. Our comprehensive range of solutions includes clinical research, characterization, product release testing, audits, certification and verification
  • Access one of the largest networks of contract analytical laboratories in the world, staffed with qualified and experienced operatives and scientists. We also offer you three Phase I units and clinical trial management offices throughout Europe and the U.S.
  • Benefit from expert knowledge of the medical device regulatory environment, with certification, training and testing services to help you bring your products to market, whatever the size of your operations
  • Gain testing and certification solutions for health, beauty and wellness products, including Nutraceuticals and dietary supplements
  • Provide your staff with effective training. Our training services cover the three main areas of pharmaceutical, medical devices, and health, beauty and wellness. Our courses will be tailored to your exact requirements and can be held at your premises or externally. We even offer web-based training, enabling students to take the courses at a pace and time to suit them

GAP Analysis

Regulatory assessment is a key activity in registration and life cycle maintenance of Pharmaceutical and Biological products. It is important at various stages of product development, such as: prior to Regulatory submission, during review and approval and post-approval of the product for global markets. Enabling manufacturers to understand the open points to be addressed and prepare the mitigation plan before Regulatory submission for any Pharmaceutical/Biological product, Regulatory assessment minimizes the possible rejections (e.g. Refuse to Receive [RTR]) from Health Authorities (HAs), delays in review cycles with deficiencies and also accelerates the approval processes.


Regulatory assessment/gap analysis play a significant role in various Regulatory submissions such as:

  • Initial submissions – pre-submission meetings
  • Regulatory gap analysis
  • Registered dossier extension
  • Core dossier compilation
  • Legacy product re-launch
  • Lifecycle management

Training & Capacity Building

Our experts are able to draw on their experiences of working in different national and multinational companies and their combined knowledge in all aspects of resource management and industrial symbiosis to ensure all courses are tailored to an organisations’ individual requirements.

Courses range between refining practical skills such as effective collection of resource/material data in order to increase resource efficiency and productivity, to high level mentoring on applying industrial symbiosis methodology and tools.


Building Skills for Resource Efficiency: This training course provides a framework to help companies to manage their resources more productively, and to reduce costs, through a systematic approach to data collection

Capacity Building

The  capacity building and enhancement service sector is still in its nascent stage. The companies and organizations are still unaware of the positives that such practices can bring to the table. Our capacity building and enhancement services are designed to expand the scale of efficiency and effectiveness of the organizations. A capacity building  shouldn’t be a short-term programming, directed towards a specific set of skills and knowledge, it should be addressing a far bigger picture. We sense a momentum towards this opportunity that can largely help companies and brands to grow efficiently. Our capacity building and enhancement services identify the loopholes and eradicate the practices that prove to be a hurdle for success.

Capacity building and enhancement services cannot be solely intended to support the administration or operations of the organization. Our capacity building and enhancement services lay out a plan to action an organization’s role and goal of increasing, expanding or enhancing services in order to address the most pressing needs of the company/organization.

Marketing Training

Marketing training is changing in today’s new world of growing sales and increasing revenue. Not only has the number of elements in a marketing strategy plan increased enormously, but marketing and branding is no longer simply about implementing fixed – and often standard – marketing plans. Instead, effective marketing requires an understanding of the social context, the local context and the changing habits of today’s consumers – and figuring out not just the best channels to reach people, but also the right way of communicating on different channels. Marketing training has had to adapt to these new realities.

  • Product Knowledge  Often, when we think of sales training, what we are really thinking of is product knowledge training – educating sales and other professionals about a company’s products or services. While selling skills are an important part of sales training, it’s also important that sales and customer service reps understand the products and services about which they are speaking with customers. Product knowledge ensures that sales professionals can communicate effectively and enthusiastically, building trust and confidence in customer relationships. It also means they can answer questions on the spot and overcome common customer objections. In fact, Dillard’s has discovered that every hour its associates spend on product training increases their sales rate by 5 percent.
  • Selling Skills we assist companies in driving product sales while increasing market share through various promotional activities. Our turn key campaigns can be designed and developed to execute in a matter of hours, this can even include the expert marketing consultation . This is powered through our highly skilled teams of designers and developers who understand the importance of an optimized conversion based approach to their work.

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