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Registrations in International Markets

RAC’s global pool of Regulatory experts with a deep understanding of regional/local Regulatory requirements of 100+ countries enable Healthcare companies to expand to new markets, in an accelerated rate. Catering to the worldwide Regulatory needs, RAC’s global capabilities span across Local Regulatory Affairs, Health Authority Interaction, Regional Regulatory Intelligence, Regulatory, End-to-end submission & registration, artwork & labeling, QA/Audit Services etc.- pertaining to Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals/Drugs, Cosmetics, Biologics/Biosimilars and Food Supplements.

Support & Change Control

RA Consultants was established in the year 2013 and incorporated as a Single member (SMC) private limited company which is a solution providing services company. But the history of RA Consultants (SMC-Pvt) Ltd is far older than this; it all begins with the vision of our CEO, Mr. Nadeem H. Alamgir, who has served in both multinational and local Pharmaceutical Companies in sales, marketing and regulatory affairs, for 3 decades. Apart from this he was involved in different activities at national level for a better image of Pakistan. He has been instrumental in Pakistan’s membership in Asian Harmonization working party, which is an international organization working for harmonization of medical device regulation in Asian Countries and he is Pakistan’s industrial representative in the Group. Mr. Nadeem was also a member of Pharmaceutical reforms committee under former federal minister of industries and commerce Mr. Razzak Dawood from 2000 to 2002, and was a mover of Drug Act amendments in 2002 that were promulgated through Presidential Ordinance in the same year. He has been contributing to regulations for better quality of health care products in Pakistan. In his endeavor to seek better position of Pakistan in committee of nations he has also represented Pakistan in numerous Conferences and Events globally to project Pakistan as a peace-loving progressive country. After years of work he realized that that there is a lot to be done for Pakistan and he being an employee has limitation, considering this he established RA Consultants, as service providing company to assist businesses in different domains ranging from Regulatory Affair, Business development to Human Resource and Event Management. Today apart from providing services to many businesses, Our CEO Mr. Nadeem Alamgir is working with United States Pharmacopial Convention on a USAID project for capacity building of DRAP & Provincial Health Authorities for enhancing Quality of Medicines in Pakistan.

Since the formation of RA Consultants, we have served our Clients successfully and the number of our satisfied clients is growing day by day. At RA Consultants we believe in giving it all when doing business keeping in mind the law and regulations of the country. Our motto is PROFESSIONALISM HONESTY & DEDICATION towards our clients. We believe in telling the truth to our clients in our dealings. We never guide a client against the law, we do not believe in earning money but providing services. We are flexible in our terms while dealing with our clients we do not treat our clients as customers but believe them to be our partners in business.

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